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Front-end Web Developer

The operating model of our activities consists in injecting small development teams inside large IT projects with the purpose to enable and contribute to the creation of best-of-breed software systems and architectures as envisaged by business requirements and technological strategies. The development activities are managed by "Agile" processes and require the participation of all project participants along all the phases of planning, implementing, and validating the assigned activities.

The Job for the role of Front-end Web Developer

For each "Sprint" necessary for the realisation of the project, the candidate will interface with the planning managers (Scrum Master) to define the activities for which he/she will have implementation responsibility. The implementation phase includes the analysis and review of the business and technical requirements documented on Jira and Confluence systems, the development of the code for the realisation of the business logic, the writing of the automatic software test programs and the execution of the tests (unit testing) of what was accomplished.

Upon completion of the software development tasks, the candidate will collaborate with the operation team assigned to the project (DevOps) to support the integration of the completed software with other relevant components and services, the installation and configuration of the software on cloud architectures and the execution of acceptance tests (Integration Test/Acceptance Test).

The coordination of the project takes place through daily meetings involving all the organizations that contribute to the execution of the project. Since the different teams reside in different geographies, the meetings are held in English; the same is true for all asynchronous communications (messaging) and the drafting of the technical documentation.

The required skills

The ideal candidate has a good knowledge (appropriate to the placement level) of the following software development and project management technologies:

  • JavaScript ES / HTML / CSS.
  • React.
  • Node.js.
  • Jest or Cypress (Automated Testing).
  • Software version control and management tools such as Git/GitHub.
  • Knowledge of technologies for managing Web Services in the Cloud.
  • Systems/Applications for the management of business and technical requirements and for the planning and tracking of Development activities (e.g. Jira/Confluence).

In addition to familiarity with the Italian language, a good knowledge of the English language (with the ability to communicate and understand/write documentation) and a strong propensity for teamwork are essential.

What we offer

  • An informal, collaborative, pleasant work environment.
  • The possibility of acquiring skills from leading telecommunications operators and ICT players.
  • Active participation in all phases of the project.
  • Possibility of obtaining broad decision-making delegation.
  • Continuous training.
  • Benefits.

Why work with us?

The work environment in which we operate is extremely stimulating, healthy, inclusive and guarantees the conditions for training and developing technical and relational skills by working within an international network of companies and professionals.

Together we aim to contribute to the development of innovative services based on the use and integration of cutting-edge technologies in the ICT industry and especially in mobile communications.

How to apply

Send your Curriculum at

Reference code: W2
Open positions: 4

Job Type
Fixed-term or permanent contract, depending on the experience, personal situation, and skills of the candidate (reference contract: CCNL Commercio e Terziario).


Offer open to anyone who has citizenship in one of the states belonging to the European Union or a valid work permit in Italy.

This announcement is aimed at both sexes, pursuant to laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to people of all ages and all nationalities, pursuant to legislative decrees 215/03 and 216/03 of Italian Civil Code.

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