Software Development

Innovation and Differentiation are the principal keywords to step ahead of competitors. As the environment changes, the timely development of software that addresses the needs of your business while integrating with existing systems, is really what makes the difference between competing and winning.

Development of full end-to-end services is an area where Stetel expresses its technical design and implementation skills at best. Stetel has more than 30 years of experience in the deployment of innovative and efficient software, especially for application mobile and IoT devices.

Stetel, thanks to the use of innovative technologies like Cloud Computing, Blockchain and Machine Learning, offers customised software development services which are carefully planned to address each and every customer’s business needs.

Our team of professionals follows customers throughout the whole implementation process, dedicating experts that are able to create customised solutions which can easily interface private business solutions already in place.

Stetel implements Software Development activities thanks to the adoption of these following advanced tools:

Front-end Development

  • React
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Node.js
  • Javascript ES
  • Jest
  • Control tools like Git

Back-end Development

  • Microservices REST in Spring-Boot
  • NoSQL Persistence
  • Control tools like Git

IT Consulting & Project Management

Nowadays, due to high competition and rapid obsolescence, it is very difficult to establish your business and products with considerable success. It is necessary to conduct an advanced and continuum market analysis in order to obtain an alignment between your offer and the customer needs.

In this scenario having a well-structured strategy and being advised by a IT specialist team could be the winning weapon, especially for these sectors which are based on high technological and innovative content.

Stetel has gained an advanced experience in designing, developing and implementing customised applications, microservices, software and hardware toolkits in order to help companies to set up and launch IT projects.

Thanks to our technical skills and target knowledge about the latest disruptive technologies like Blockchain and Cloud Computing, we can support your reality in the all classical phases (Initiation, Planning, Managing, Closeout) of which a complex technical project is constituted, also in an international view.

Our services for the IT Consulting and Project Management consist of:

  • Analysis of business challenges and opportunities.
  • Product / Service Ideation.
  • Preparation and presentation of business cases.
  • Organisation / run of brainstorm sessions and workshops.
  • Collection and evaluation of business requirements.
  • Management of complex programs.
  • Agile Project Management.
  • Technology evaluation and selection.
  • Security assessment and strategy.
  • Deployment in customer environment central / distributed hosted.
  • Test process definition and management (unit, development, integration, pre-production, user acceptance testing, validation / promotion to production).

Cloud Computing

The digital transformation and the affirmation of an increasingly complex and dynamic virtual world has grown widely the need for an on-demand ecosystem, where you can access services, files, projects and collaborate on various platforms and applications from different stations.

Cloud Computing systems are the solution to these needs as they guarantee not only greater flexibility in using shared resources but also providing significant savings in terms of technological costs through the achievement of economies of scale.

This technology has become a fundamental tool for business management thanks to its networking, storage, processing and virtualization capabilities.

Depending on the business use, there are different Cloud Computing systems based on both the level of control (Private, Public, Community and Hybrid) and on the positioning of the architectural layers of the corporate information system (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Given the importance and value of this technology, we offer the following services:

  • Cloud Services selection.
  • Cloud Service configuration, monitoring and testing.
  • Cloud migration and back up.
  • Ideation, deployment and integration of applications suited for Cloud Systems.
  • Full implementation of Infrastructure, platform and software components.
  • Full integration between front-end and back-end functions.
  • Data protection and security.

QA & Software LifeCycle

Satisfying the customers’s needs requires a careful analysis and constant commitment to quality in carrying out our services. For this reason, Stetel has a Quality Assurance and Software LifeCycle Team to ensure high quality standards to meet customer expectations.

The Software LifeCycle process aims at creating, developing and maintaining software striving for high quality, low costs and time to market. The phases of this process include Identification of Requirements, Planning and Design, Development, Testing, Debug and Deploy.

Each phase of service involves the collaboration of different teams and approval by the team of testers, who present the core of Quality Assurance. In fact, this last control step allows us to make sure that the customer's requests are achieved and that the output is free of problems or bugs.

Quality Assurance also aims to make the software development process more effective and efficient, this activity involves several steps ranging from identifying and verifying the functioning of the output in the various functions and use cases to planning the solution and verification.

To ensure quality services, Stetel in the field of QA and Software LifeCycle offers the following services:

  • Requirements identification and planning.
  • Testing and Verifications of the entire software process.
  • Debug and Deployment procedure.
  • Automated test with Postman, Cypress, JMeter and Jenkins.
  • Management of functions specifications and non-compliance tickets with Atlassian Jira / Confluence and Github.