Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Many times the terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used as synonyms in different contexts but there is a distinct difference. Artificial Intelligence is "The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages". On the other hand Machine Learning allows machines to recognise patterns in the data, make predictions based on it and enrich them as new information is introduced into the system.

Introducing AI and ML into business management can add extra value to data processing, automation of tasks and actions, reducing costs and increasing effectiveness.

Nowadays some practical use cases where AI and ML is being applied to transform the industry's process are healthcare, where it is used to analyse biomedical data, assess patient's health conditions and predict disease insurgence. Automotive with the famous self-driving cars, financial service, insurance and Telecommunication sector, where AI and ML is increasingly being used to gain insight into customer behaviours, enhance customer experiences and optimise 5G network performance.

Stetel is applying the potential of AI and ML in the software and hardware development for computer, mobile applications and small devices that can be used in different sectors, such as healthcare, environment, traffic management and alarm systems.

In particular, our team is specialised in the implementation of these technologies for IoT projects, for example for the realisation of sound recognition systems and for the identification of anomalous trends.

AI & ML power

  • Accurate data, insights and forecasts
  • Optimising business management
  • Automating business operations

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Car are all terms that describe today's hyper-connected reality as a consequence of new technologies implementations.

What is the meaning of "Smart"? The adjective "smart" refers to intelligence, intuition and functioning. Today, thanks to the creation of "intelligent things" or rather of "intelligent objects" it is possible to make realities, environments and devices interconnected and make them communicate with each other.

The expression "Internet of Things" refers to the technological and innovative development that has led to the creation of intelligent objects in order to identify, exchange, interact, collect and process information.

The IoT encompasses a vast world as it has no application limits, from home to industry, from environment to medical devices, every sector can be modernised and made intelligent thanks to the IoT. Obviously, each reality has a different modernisation speed depending on the entry barrier in terms of know-how and costs.

Stetel considers IoT Technology an area in which to evolve its knowledge, know-how and development skills for the creation of software and applications that exploit this innovation to make business management more effective and smart.

Our professional team applies IoT in various industrial sectors, in particular by focusing on the properties of localisation, tracking systems and environment sensors.

IoT power

  • Fast and precise data collection
  • Track property and operate devices at anytime
  • Monitor environment in real time

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Best of Breed Technology

Adopting a technological strategy to increase business success requires a deep knowledge of all those technologies that characterise the concerned sector and a set of advanced skills for the proper integration.

To this end, our mission is to guarantee the "Best of Breed Technology", that represents the most advanced technologies on the market, and put them to our customer’s service in the simplest and most immediate way. "Best of Breed Technology" can help companies to prepare a perfect technological base on which to build their business in order to gain strong competing advantages.

Stetel, with its 30 years of experience in the development of cutting-edge software and hardware, uses innovations such as Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and IoT for the realisation of complex technical projects.

These IT projects realisation is possible thanks to the employment of modern tools and frameworks like React and Quarkus, Docker and K8s which allow us to develop and configure sophisticated software architectures and systems. That is not limited to Implementation; also the Testing phase is carried out with an Agile Approach by employing specific strategies such as Test-Driven-Development (TDD) and Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD) and through the use of innovative services and platforms including Postman, Cypress, JMeter and Jenkins.

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Best of Breed Technologies

  • Latest generation technologies
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Greater versatility and functionality
  • Greater agility in responding to business developments

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Providing services and running businesses in a completely virtual world involves the exchange of sensitive information on the network. Security and Privacy preservation is fundamental for the correct functioning of the entire ecosystem.

Thanks to its capability to operate on decentralised ledger content without the need of a centralised authority and to ensure the ledger’s immutability, Blockchain Technology is considered a valid tool to share and control user contents and transactions, ensuring their identity, privacy and reputation.

These features allow blockchain to be used in many sectors, first of all in the financial market, for the security of cryptocurrency and the execution of financial services, in the transformation of the healthcare, food and energy sector and absolutely in the supply chain management.

We start some projects with a different reality to implement this technology in identification tools that are used particularly in governmental activities. With the installation of blockchain the citizens have the possibility to manage and share their personal data.

We develop boards and application IoT that use Blockchain Technology to certificate data and insights, which are registered and sent from IoT devices in a secure way thanks to the ownership and accuracy verification.

Blockchain power

  • Security and Privacy
  • Shared and Immutable information
  • Decentralised system

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Read more about the IoTex DevBoard prototype.


Information and communication technology are the core for social and economic activities as they have allowed to create a huge network between people, realities and devices.

With the introduction of the last 4G network, society has experienced broadband services to maximise the satisfaction of end-users needs.

In spite of such advanced 4G technologies, it is so difficult to provide mobile service that requires high speed, rapid response, high reliability and energy efficiency.

These features are the essential keys for the achievement and affirmation of the new 5G Era, where the new digital trends like Instantaneous Cloud Service, IoT, Blockchain and Metaverse are spreading and integrating into the business management very quickly to achieve greater productivity.

In fact, 5G technology can also optimise the phases of logistics operations, reducing execution times and consequently costs thanks to the proliferation of autonomous processes and vehicles, the transmission of big data and the real time connectivity between billions of machines and equipment.

Our reality has extensively faced and studied the evolution of the ICT trends, as the result we are able to create new interconnection opportunities for businesses with the development of innovative applications and software, which make use of all the potentials of 5G architecture and capacity.

In particular, we focus our activities on the IoT sector, where the 5G higher speed and the lower latency are the perfect combination to connect a massive number of devices in order to create a Smarter Reality and a breeding ground for Edge Cloud Computing development.

5G power

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband
  • Massive Machine Type Communications
  • Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications

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