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Our History

Our history is a growing path towards new technologies to offer innovative End-to-End solutions in the ICT field. Stetel Reality was founded in 1991 in Livorno with the aim of supporting companies and public institutions in adopting and implementing the latest technologies in a fast and sustainable way.

In the early 90's, when fixed-line was the only available communication technology, Stetel pioneered the implementation of IT services for premium content providers and embraced the emerging wireless technologies as the core of its activities.

Nowadays the Stetel know-how is the result of the proficiency and knowledge about the latest digital trends such as Blockchain, Cloud Computing and 5G implementation for business application and IoT systems. We collaborate with international partners to keep up with them in the realisation of customised development boards, mobile applications, tracking systems and software especially for the IoT sector.

Our Team

Stefano Marchi
Georg Campana
Paolo Lionetti
Business Development
Lucio Anastasi
Senior Architect
Luigi Arces
Senior Architect
Davide Bacchini
Software Developer
Stefano Banchieri
Software Developer
Fabio Benedetti
Software Developer
Arianna Cignoni
Software Developer
Kateryna Kolomiiets
Software Developer
Lorenzo Lombardo
Software Developer
Michele Mastrosimone
Software Developer
Daniele Paolini
Software Developer
Francesco Pierami
Software Developer
Roberto Pomiato
Software Developer
Alessio Seghetti
Software Developer
Alexandru Simionescu
Software Developer
Kevin Vanni
Software Developer
Magalì Varela
Software Developer
David Fontani
Software & Firmware Developer
Valerio Micchi
Software & Firmware Developer
Rossella Iglio
Software QA Lead
Irene Poli
Software QA Lead
Anne Valdambrini
Software QA Lead
Jessica Puma
Marketing Specialist
Angela Li Volsi
Web & UX designer
Beatrice Buono
Administrative Office Manager
Matteo Pastorelli
Administrative Office Manager


The years of experience and growth that have characterised the Stetel history have contributed not only to consolidate and affirm our business in the ICT sector but also to cultivate the values and symbols that represent us.

Transparency, Reliability, Diversity and Inclusion are the Stetel cornerstones. As a team, we collaborate constantly, we share with each other our skills and knowledge, we carry out team building activities in order to get to know new team members better and consolidate existing ties.

Stetel is not only an entrepreneurial reality, it is a family in continuous growth where every single member feels accepted and appreciated for their uniqueness, personality and talent. Love and confidence in the workplace are fundamental for us to achieve a great job performance and reach the set goals with enthusiasm and dedication.

Our dynamic work environment allows us to build solid and lasting business relationships, supporting our colleagues, customers and partners from the beginning of the project to the end. We keep continuously updated about the latest innovations trends to meet the demand and customer needs with effective and efficient IT solutions.

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Partners & Customers


Our experience in the Telecommunications field gave us the opportunity to start a long collaboration with the major international players of the sector, such as Vodafone. Our extensive know-how in Software and Application Development has enabled us to offer customised and innovative solutions.


Innovation and High Technology are aspects that not only concern our company but also the partners with whom we collaborate, Reply is one of them. The Stetel team is always up to date on the latest trends and development skills to offer the best digital services.


Not only for our Software Development skills but also for our Electronics knowledge, we collaborate with big players like IoTex. Our team has devised a Development Board that will be the basis for many of their devices, starting a new and great collaboration.

Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio

Stetel's reality is part of the Innovation Ecosystem represented by the Navacchio Technological Hub. Networking and Research are fundamental for our growth and training, the Polo Environment represents the ideal breeding ground for these aims.


Our innovative ideas and knowledge must be protected to guarantee their originality and integrity. For these reasons partners such as ErreQuadro, IP Management specialists, have been of great help to our growth and success.

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Iscritta al Registro delle Imprese di Livorno
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Registered capital: € 100.000,00

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