Corporate Mission

We want to live the challenges of the third millennium as protagonists by offering, to our customers and partners, an agile and dynamic model to embrace the latest innovations.

Our ambition is to support corporates and public institutions in anticipating the adoption of new ICT technologies, leveraging our ability to attract and train the best professional skills of the sector.

We are proud to work with...

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Stetel expresses its technical designing and development skills in the realisation of full end-to-end services. We offer customised mobile applications, designed and deployed front-end / back-end innovative and efficient software to give you the best user experience.

It Consulting, Full Design and Implementation of IT projects based on agile methodology. Thanks to our digital skills and professional know-how, we analyse your business ideas and give you customised support through the entire realisation process.

Full implementation of infrastructure, platform and software components to create the best cloud computing model to ensure system reliability and, at the same time, execute continuous deployment and integration. Our team guarantees the continued communication between front-end and back-end functions.

Evaluating the entire system or its components to check and ensure the conformity between the developed features and the specific business requirements. Analysis, test planning, test case design and environment setup to prevent issues with your product or service.


Best of Breed Technology

Thanks to the use of advanced tools like React and Quarkus, we are able to release and configure sophisticated Software Architecture and Systems. We professionally implement and develop each structure and component in order to achieve the set properties according to the adopted business model.

Internet of Things

Discover the IoT world thanks to our specialised know-how in the realisation of Smart Sensors. IoT Technology represents an innovative opportunity to connect, monitor and collect data from the environment in a faster and secure way. IoT systems can help your business to make the right decisions.

AI & Machine Learning

Explore the power of AI and ML to customise and boost your business with the implementation of innovative algorithms. Thanks to our decade experience, especially in the IoT field, we can allow your systems and programs to automatically improve and learn through experience.


Record transactions and track assets in your business network throughout the security and shared capabilities of the Blockchain Technology. Thanks to the immutable ledger, which facilitates the recording process of information, it is impossible to hack, change or cheat the entire system and its data.


We create new connection opportunities for businesses with the development of innovative applications, which make use of all the potentials of 5G architecture and capacity. We focus our activities on the IoT sector, where the 5G higher speed and the lower latency are the perfect combination to create a Smarter Reality.

... And what's next?

Contribute with us to what is coming in the future!


We realise mobile applications, interfaces and software according to our customer needs in the telecommunication sector. Our reality has a more than 20 year successful track record in working with MNOs along these axes, contributing to projects that are essential for the administration and execution of strategic plans.

Implementation of the latest technologies into the supply chain makes your logistics system more efficient and secure. Increase the performance and traceability process with the AI and Blockchain power. Our professional team can improve the streamlike workflows and the tracking of your business thanks to the installation of a Smart Cloud System and IoT Technologies.

From complex circuits making to 3D printing, we design, create and assemble unique pieces of handcraft to respond to your needs. Our complex know-how in the Electronics sector allow us to guarantee flexible and customised solutions according to the client request. Discover more about our solutions by taking a look at our Development Boards.

Nowadays the climate emergency declaration is the main issue and here, in Stetel, we contribute with our experience and knowledge in the creation of smart sensors. The implementation and the synergy between the new technologies of IoT and environments led to great and successful results to understand and analyse the environmental concerns with a higher accuracy and efficiency.

We collaborate with Charity and Non Profit organisations to support and increase the promotion of fundraising campaigns with the realisation of Customised Smartphone Applications and Software. Moreover, we have the ability to expand your network communities through the creation of mailboxes, Chat Systems and message boards.

At Stetel we adopted the latest technology and innovations also in the sectors which improve our society organisation and administration. We collaborate with different governments to increase the security and management of some public activities thanks to Blockchain and AI implementation.

Like Coding?

We are hiring, join our team!


An innovative tracking system thanks to IoT Technology.

Development boards

Smart and versatile devices for developing and prototyping.

Blockchain for IoT

Our DevBoard prototype as the basis for several IoTex devices projects.